About Us

The SC Cervical Cancer Awareness Initiative promotes statewide education and public awareness regarding cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination cancer prevention.

In coordination with Cancer Free SC and Cervical Cancer Free SC, the SCCCAI provides multi-county, statewide intervention through comprehensive messaging; targeted population marketing; education; and awareness for medical practitioners and healthcare providers; community outreach; and social media campaigns to help increase both cervical cancer screening for women and HPV vaccination cancer prevention for young men and women.

Joan Brady, SCCCAI Director, Carolina Creative Strategies
Steven Fooshe, Executive Director, Palmetto Center for Policy Alternatives
Lilly Filler, ObGyn (Retired)
Heather Brandt, PhD, USC Arnold School of Health
Hon. David Mack, District 109, SC House of Representatives
Allison Dean Love, Owner of Allison Dean Love Consulting, LLC
Susan Benesh, RN,MS,FAWM, FN
Marie Fadeley (Retired)
Stephanie Burgess, PhD, APRN, BC,FAANP, USC College of Nursing
Mark Tompkins, PhD, University of SC
Maggie Michael, Executive Director, SC Children's Hospital Collaborative MUSC
Chris Sullivan, Palmetto Center for Policy Alternatives
Deborah Greenhouse, MD, Palmetto Pediatrics
Beth Sundstrom, PhD, MPH, Dept of Communication University of Charleston
Jacqueline Emery, MD (pathologist)
Masters Campbell, Cancer Survivor